Socialentrepreneurialism project. Collaborators wanted

I am developing a business model that will use a variety of interests and interested people, celebrities, published authors, academics, scientists and professionals.

The goal is to provide a site(s) for intellectual dialogue, exchange of ideas and social networking toward philanthropic pursuits. In particular to provide a nonprofit site whose revenues, donations and shared profits from services and products referred from that site, to contribute to various nonprofit service agencies supporting Child Poverty, Mental Health Stigma and related services, Homelessness related services. The goal is to seek celebrities, and publicly known accomplished persons to draw interest and attention to those named areas of philanthropic direction.

We would invite published authors to promote their books and works and for those buying the books/dvds/products from member sources, they would have access to those person’s by way of their personal/restricted membership blogs and collaboration spaces. General public browsing is free, but restricted access to celebrities, authors, academics, scientists, professionals would be granted to paying members (premium service option) and/or those who purchase products and/or services from those individuals.

Buyers who are not premium members, would perhaps get a one (no reply option) way email with a personal note a.k.a. like a digital signing/signature, from the target source. Monthly dues paying members (suggested monthly rate of about $20 US) would maintain access to exclusive content such as blogs, archives, events, personal contact info. All blogs and collaboration spaces would be monitored by administration staff, to insure no abuse

At this time this is a concept in the works. Anyone interested in participating please leave a note on this blog and perhaps send me an email to

At this time I am looking for collaboration from Web designers, legal professionals, IT specialists, Networking professionals and any other entrepreneurs who would like to suggest how their own products and/or services could fit in with the concept.

After this initial stage I will be preparing a business plan and forecasts, available to anyone interested in collaboration or partnership on the project.

Second stage I will be asking for any help in soliciting key membership from the above mentioned areas of celebrity. After we are able to get a number on board our next goal will be to market and publicise the concept and site toward potential paying members and purchasers of celebrities books, services or products.

This entire project is intended to operate as a nonprofit. The exact structure will depend on various jurisdiction considerations as to tax exemptions and legal status. Related advertising and promotion and services offered may involve outside contractors and products which may or may not follow a nonprofit model.

For further information, interest and discussion please email me (Victor Jasin), at OR call me at (519) 657-4286 at my London Ontario Canada number. Please refer others to this message/blog and my site (which is under development).

This will be a fun endeavour with a number of spinoff projects and ideas which will all benefit organisations like United Way and/or others such caliber organisations that provide funding for nonprofit child poverty, mental health, homelessness related service agencies.

All are welcome. Hope to hear from you.

Vic Jasin

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5 Responses to Socialentrepreneurialism project. Collaborators wanted

  1. vicjasin says:

    This is my first attempt at publishing (multiple blog and site distribution). Anyone with ideas on how best to get maximum coverage to a variety of sites could you please let me know by email Thanks

  2. Obviously, Polymathica, as it grows, will be cultivating a similar population. Synergies are to be expected.

    • Victor Jasin says:

      I agree and with your permission I would like to put up some Polymath/Polymathica threads on whatever blog platforms and networking products I can find.

      I felt I should focus on my own local ambitions for now as my core efforts, so that I can link up with the locals here that I’ve recently gone to visit regarding board membership and my volunteer efforts in Projects they proposed I might help out in during that board interview. Don’t know if I’m in or suited, since most others are academics (full Phd’s) and professionals (healthcare workers) who are also Bipolar/Depressive and who are my competition for the position. They don’t have any Commerce types on the board and perhaps don’t for a reason (compatibility?). It’s only 8hrs/month in commitment anyway and I guess the chemistry of the board needs to be considered as that’s primarily what they do (have meetings and delegate). Some time will be spent on assisting local organisers with the Thriving in 2010 national conference in Oct. to be held here in London.

  3. As to the premium membership, check out if you haven’t already. It has good compatibility with wordpress. Subject to demonstration of satisfactory fiduciary controls, you have my $20 per month.

    • Victor Jasin says:

      Thanks Michael,

      My plan is to find others (perhaps students or such) to do much of this under my direction. I believe I could access some minimal funding assistance through my CMHA contacts in that there would be a direct benefit to that group. The recruitment process will take me into many different communities and as such I would gladly refer others toward any/all Polymathica endeavours.

      I do NOT want to even become a trustee to the fund(s)/funding. This is meant to supply admin wages for site admin types and the rest to go into a trust fund administrated by an appropriate board of trustees. My only direct ambition in all this is to direct the efforts and outcomes toward my own local ambitions and projects that include Child Poverty, Mental Health Services, Homelessness all presented to me through my recent contact with CMHA and Thriving in 2010 projects.

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