Observations On The Concept Of Ownership | The Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog

Observations On The Concept Of Ownership | The Zeitgeist Movement Official Blog.

Access not ownership, collaboration not competition, altruism not ego. Economics, capitalism, politics are the only things keeping us from sharing an abundance that we know exists and which free market consumption based economics manipulates for profit and greed. It is time people wake up and realise there is much DISINFORMATION about how we live and we all sit and accept it as though it was true. IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT true. 

Get mad anc active, and read the truth and then show someone else who only uses corporate owned/controlled media for their news and information. Don’t take any ONE group, source or publication as your definitive proof. PROVE IT FOR YOURSELF, look read, research, Google it and check out all the CONTRADICTIONS and not “who” said or presented “what”. 

Our authorities are part of the problem, they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo (veil), and by presenting a rationalized morality that is absolutely disinformation by the science, math and logistical truth/realty. 

Don’t take my word for it, check out for yourselves. 

Good article and we need more articles that “challenge” what is said/published/presented by conventional sources (aka controlled sources with vested interests). Investigate both sides and LOOK FOR the contradictions. That is the ONLY way you will find the truth!!!

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