A New Standard for Oxymoronic Newspeak – In These Times

A New Standard for Oxymoronic Newspeak – In These Times.

I have been hacked 5 times since March/12, had my IP address frozen at Bell and have MANY unknown hits from unknown IP addresses all over the planet that are/were redirected aka untraceable/unauditable (for me at least), sources. I am an informed and sophisticated user just not a hacker and up on catching hacks/hackers.

I don’t keep any sensitive info online (hard copy only) and do NOT use Wifi (hardwired ethernet only) and still they bug me. My son uses a separate partition on the same pc and uses the same provider (Bell), and his partition/he has not been hacked in spite of using notorious gamer sites.

I use the pc about 1/10th the time he does and only visit reputable sites lately and even then have record of all my logins and sources and all are “high trust” or WERE, as in FB, Google, Major News portals.

If the US and Israel hacked in to Iran and other places I’m guessing my PC isn’t that hard. Hope they enjoy the info 😉

Normally I don’t talk about this stuff but the hacks are on me and I have nothing to protect but use Bitlocker 256bit NSA grade encryption for my data drives, 2 virus/spyware programs and full Win7 account protections activated as well as admin activity logging.

I “suspect” I am among their “person’s of interest” given my varied memberships, site registrations and affiliations. Nice to know somone is reading my stuff lol.

Personally I don’t care but have no doubts I am/have been hacked by sophisticated hackers who have scanned my pc and have tried to change my login/username to a remote one as well as caused outright data corruption.

I keep 3 partitions going and use 4 different browsers (alternate) just to keep it interesting and a challenge for those who seek to intrude as they have. Had logs and security on and have definite proof just don’t know who and from where. This is not delusional paranoia and not a conspiracy, this is reality for me for which I have physical proof of such events/intrusions without knowing the sources. YMMV. Vic

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