The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free

The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free.

I am TOTALLY in sync with this idea and the logistics and strategic implementation is not a pipe dream but IS in fact doable and achievable. It may NOT be something we can do broadly and with some single sweeping change, but the collectivization of capital is happening now and I personally plan to help guide it forward. If you doubt this can happen ASK questions.

It is NO JOKE and is a serious effort and campaign. Those who would dismiss it with a comment that it is utopian and unrealistic simply lack comprehension of factors, issues and logistics already in the works in some smaller isolated efforts. This idea and video is an introduction and not comprehensive and does not have all the answers as to how to go from where we are to the ideal “I” know is achievable.

Skeptics need to ask SPECIFIC questions to learn and understand what society, economics, politics and monetary/corporate dominance has CONFUSED and mesmerized as accepting as the only way. The way it is now is DISINFORMATION and obfuscation by those with a vested interest in maintaining the delusion of competitive advantage as being the only method for abundance, innovation and a good quality of life.

Access not ownership, collaboration not competition, NEED not the obfuscation of manipulated “free market economics, consumption based economics and ¬†value of output” is the only relevant truth and a reality factors we must understand before we can achieve this truly NOW condition that we are deserving and capable of achieving. How we go from here and now to sharing and access needs money and capital to be collectivized and managed by the societies and cultures who can exist under such a system.

This is not an off the shelf one answer fits and suits all idea but does exist and can exist for anyone who understands how and is willing to do what it takes to get there and that is easier than struggling as we do know with uncertainty and domination by a few. Vic Jasin

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