Canadian Scientists ‘Mourn Death of Evidence’ under Harper Government | Common Dreams

Canadian Scientists ‘Mourn Death of Evidence’ under Harper Government | Common Dreams.

The elected Canadian Conservative government is apparently rationalizing choices favoring a financial, power based lobby as a budgetary and/or economic “need”, in a distorted relationship with Canadians that sees corporate and passive investor financial incomes and profiteering take priority over common sense, functionality, ecology, individual and broader social issues and needs.

The tyranny of a political majority based parliamentary condition is systemically flawed. It is nothing more than a distortion  that pretends to represent the diluted political will of a majority of Canadians that is obfuscation of a diluted and compromised candidature that we elect to make future choices not apparent at the time of elections that are at best hidden, intentionally or through omission, by other more emotionally charged popular issues at that current moment (elections) of politically loaded rhetoric and propaganda presented to the public that is called politics (rationalized tyranny).

Impeachment of a majority parliament/party would be setting a new precedent and unlikely to happen. There is growing justification for such an action,  as much damage is being done and will result from a declining  social responsibility in the choices that once made Canada unique as a caring, sharing society with ample social safety nets. This is now being eroded in favor of what is presented as a more popular “American” style (Conservative/Republican/Capitalist) influence that prioritizes and favors commercial/capital/financial based rationalized moralities and choices.

Perhaps a national petition for a referendum on actions listed is in order. Such strongly polarizing issues that would bring responsibility ahead of politics may only be possible with such overt democratic actions. Direct democracy in the form of protested referendum and petition are within the scope of our constitutional mechanism.

What is lacking is the will of the people in an organised collaborative expression and actions to make it happen.

Perhaps it is time to consider petitioning opposition and reversing harmful choices being made by our so called democratically elected representatives and bringing them to the forefront for the public to consider and truly choose and vote on, issue by issue, and not wait until 2015 by which time much damage can and will occur that could take many more years and much more money to repair.

Showing your concern, by talking to others, organising and forming committees to present a consensus of clearly defined petitions for actions can overturn the hijacked distortions our delegated authorities are presenting which accommodates  special interest choices more than the needs of the majority of Canadians.

As an observer with my own perspective and opinion I encourage others who read this to form coalitions to question, discuss and become better educated and informed about the truth of how harmful many of the choices being made by a politically corrupted group of delegates can affect each and every one of us before more damage is done.

Confront what is not in everyone’s best interest and expect that it may not be immediately popular. The ignorance of knowing the real truth and potential outcomes for choices being made is due to propaganda and manipulated realities, of partisan politics. Such political based fundamental loyalties to power and the corruption are apparent and the nature of the political representational democracy we have.

It is time to speak up or be affected by things you may not realise are happening. Not taking action is a choice and only you can take the actions and only you will be the victim or victor of your own free will and choices. Do not submit to the politics of our time simply because that is the way things are and popular status quo rationalization. If you choose to let things be or accept that is how things are you can/should expect to pay the price for your own choices. Doing nothing is a choice and you will pay the price for such choices even if you may currently be ignorant to what that may be. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. Get informed, get involved and make a difference in any way you can.

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