The George Carlin Clip Every American Needs To See | MoveOn.Org

The George Carlin Clip Every American Needs To See | MoveOn.Org.

This has been true for a long time and we’ve known about it! Its’ time to CHANGE what is WRONG and is exploitive and the erosion of rights and freedoms that are happening by the month by individual bills by the conservatives and corporate and financial oligarchy and dominant few. I used to think Carlin was over the top and now I realise he just understood that I used to accept as status quo cuz I was deriving benefits from being in the status quo.


You must not trust politicians without independent checking of conflicting info you cannot trust the government nor can you trust the MAIN corporate and government controlled and dominated networks (NBS, CBS, ABC, FOX and CNN) which all dominate our views and ALL have shown signs of restricting unwanted news and editorialising along political lines/agenda’s and/or their corporate sponsors agendas.

Your mileage may vary on this but I know what I see and if you aren’t seeing it, WAKE UP AND LOOK!!! Read the contradiction, start reading the conspiracy folks spins and look into it, don’t just take one line, one editorial or one person’s view. The time is past and we are into a conflict zone NOW and it’s time for anyone who is status quo by nature to CHANGE and think outside the box tradition, authority and status quo have put you in and use common sense and investigative inquiry from many perspectives. If you don’t you are part of the problem and we need solutions! YMMV if you are part of the problem.

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