Center of the Brain by Billy Ethridge – Very worthy cause .. Vic Jasin

Center of the Brain by Billy Ethridge – GoFundMe.

This is one project I am 100% behind. I endorse Billy Ethridge (William Ethridge IV) and this altruistic and noble and needed cause. A traumatic brain center for those who have the need for complex intervention not one’s ability to pay. 

This is a modest calling but should not be under estimated in it’s impact and potential. This is one model that needs to be duplicated around the world imo and this is a modest and humble beginning to a great and benevolent endeavour. 

I am in this until it is up and running and funded (a very distinguished foundership) and advisory. It is not a question of if but when. Please help out with $10 or whatever you can afford and be part of the founding visionaries. Vic Jasin


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