Movie full delivery Free Screening

It has been known for 60 years that there are certain vitamins and supplements which can radically improve your health. Why is this not common knowledge? Why is the evidence suppressed and ignored?

Source: Movie full delivery Free Screening

Whether you take them or not, it is a good time to get informed about what nutrition can do for your health and disease prevention.

You won’t get that kind of info from your Allopathic health care system or practitioners only your holistic and/or integrative medical professionals will have that kind of info.

Conventional mainstream AMA allopathic medicine is not about prevention as much as it is about response to symptoms once they are present, in many cases, such things could have been and can be PREVENTED using GOOD NUTRITION and supplementation from appropriate suitable nutritional supplements.

I have supplemented my nutrition since I started following Linus Pauling in the 70s and have not used any prescription meds in years, nor have I visited my family physician in almost 2 decades now, thanks to an informed balanced lifestyle and nutrition which includes daily vitamin supplements. YMMV

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