Direct Democracy School

 From the heart, out of the box “common sense” grassroots teachings… Educating ourselves in every community is the KEY!     There is an urgent need for Collaborative, Liquid Direct Democracy Schools within our Countries; Pure Direct Democracy is PEOPLE POWER anything less, is unacceptable… There are many forms of Direct Democracy, it isn’t a “ONE SIZE” fits all.All of these SOLUTIONS can be adapted and improved upon in Canada and other Countries.Citizens should design their own so that they are ensured that it will be the best fit for their Countries.As long as we implement the Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment “Citizen’s Convention of Consent Declaration Contract Form” we will remain in control of our Governance.    Coming soon!  Please see the sample “In-Class” Curriculum below. More locations and sessions to follow. Thank you for your patience! INTRODUCTION TO PURE DIRECT DEMOCRACY CURRICULUM AND WORKSHOPS Democracy HistoryNorth American History of

Source: Direct Democracy School

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