Calgary Jewish Federation say Green Party resolution places blame on Israel …as it should be blamed…Bravo Green Party !

In response to yet another piece of appalling ‘journalism’ from Postmedia, I have just submitted the following letter to the editor of the Calgary Herald:

“Dear Editor:
Yet again, Postmedia has demonstrated that, when it comes to the plight of Palestinians, it has little regard for the truth.

Contrary to your claims, Green Party leader Elizabeth May fully supports a just-adopted resolution calling for sanctions on Israel.

Further, although many Jewish Green Party members eloquently endorsed this resolution at our convention in Calgary this weekend, your article quotes only Jewish commentators who oppose the resolution.

The resolution received the support of 85% of those who voted at the convention — another fact that you omit to mention.

But above all, you continue to ignore the almost universally acknowledged fact that Israel’s settlements constitute a grave breach of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

When will Postmedia finally fulfill its journalistic duty to tell Canadians the truth about the suffering of Palestinians?

Dimitri Lascaris
Former Justice Critic, Green Party of Canada”

The Calgary Jewish Federation is calling a resolution passed by the federal Green Party at a Calgary gathering “biased and discriminatory.” In a conference held at SAIT on Saturday, the Green Party of Canada passed a resolution calling for revisions to the free-trade agreement between Canada and Israel, and condemned Israel for expanding settlements in the occupied territories…

Source: Calgary Jewish Federation say Green Party resolution places blame on Israel | Calgary Herald

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