A New Wave Of McCarthyites Emerge In Response To Fake News

This is a CALL/CHALLENGE to any and all so called EXPERTS (self proclaimed or otherwise), who would care to refute the info in this article/piece with SPECIFICS vs ad hominems and tactical sophism and western media apologist conjecture. Be my guest and present your FACTS and KNOWLEDGE (vs spin, opinion and BS), and lets present our findings IN PUBLIC for the world to view and decide for themselves.

I CARE LESS how accomplished you might be academically or what kind of a celebrity author you are or how intellectually and journalistically superior you might THINK your perspectives are.

I CHALLENGE ANYONE to suggest that any news that contradicts US/Western MSM news is simply “Fake News” and/or a “Russian conspiracy”,…… to bring it on.

Lets dance on the floor/court of PUBLIC INFORMED OPINION. 🙂
Kevin Gosztola joins Mnar Muhawesh to discuss the ramifications of the new ‘red scare’ for media in the post-election ‘fake news’ frenzy.

Source: A New Wave Of McCarthyites Emerge In Response To Fake News

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