Russian Election Hacking: Is It Time to Declare War? | 2016 | OZY

Anything they can think of to de-legitimize Trumps victory and/or even seek to call the election flawed requiring a DO OVER.

What IS apparent is the fear and relentless effort to find blame and or invalidate Trump before he takes office by the DEEP STATE. A non-democratically elected set of crony capitalists, career bureaucrats, CFR members, corporate elite and the rogue elements of Intelligence community and military.

This LAYER of hidden/shadow governance and influence on all things economic, foreign policy, monetary policy and politics are becoming rather OBVIOUS in how they manipulate media, money, and PUBLIC OPINION via their engineered public relations channels.

The veil is coming off and the desperate acts and profanely obvious fake news and propaganda to suit their agenda is showing that the veil is lifting and the vampires are all fearing for their existence in the shadows when new light shines on the source and cause of our problems.

In a conversation with OZY, political scientist Joseph Nye says that it could be time for retaliatory sanctions against Russia.

Source: Russian Election Hacking: Is It Time to Declare War? | 2016 | OZY

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