PressTV-‘500 residents died in London tower fire’

MAYBE IT ISN’T 500 but it isn’t 30 either. Someone is controlling the info flow and related facts for publication. The MSM is NOT disclosing or choosing to do any investigative inquiry as usual when there is some hidden agenda or corporate interference in the media disclosure. Where are the survivors?

There are MANY missing person reports and virtually no one has come to get the clothes, food, and aid that has been collected.

STAY TUNED this remains an open unresolved mystery but there is DEFINITE signs that the number of deaths in this fire was GROSSLY understated.

One more thing. Why didn’t this building collapse into its own footprint like the twin towers did after only 2 hrs of burning? Or even the 3rd tower that was never hit by a plane????

Anyone who THINKS 911 was as they OFFICIALLY reported needs a reality check!! READ reports written by PROFESSIONAL engineers, scientists, demolitions experts, firefighters who were NOT employed by the government.

THINK for yourself and don’t just blindly believe and follow the official narrative and expect they are telling you the truth because it is apparent to anyone using intelligent investigative research and observation that the American Govt official version of the story for what happened on 911 is BULLSHIT! ABSOLUTELY a coverup!

WHO did it and who knew about it and how was it done are the ONLY questions. What is no longer a question except in the minds of the gullible and mind manipulated loyal minions and those complicit, is that 911 official narrative is a LIE and COVER-UP?

THEY (experts and professionals that have not been hired/paid by the government or one of its agencies) ALL say 911 involved “CONTROLLED demolition”.

Do some research beyond what the government and MSM are telling you.

It should be obvious by now they LIE to suit the agenda of their controllers (deep state and corporate owners).

MSM is synonymous with FAKE NEWS and PROPAGANDA when the whole time they accuse the alternative media of doing PRECISELY what they are doing. They accuse their critics, in order to VEIL and misdirect public attention and opinion (manufactured support), with their lies and disinformation. That is a KNOWN CIA and PsyOp tactic in how to manipulate the masses.

A chapter out of the Goebbels Nazi playbook. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes a reality. The bigger the lie the better as it engages cognitive dissonance.

In times of universal deceit (NOW) TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act. TRUTH becomes a dissenting ENEMY OF THE STATE. The state (government) which seeks to “alter the reality” and public beliefs and emotions via a tactically engineered narrative.

One that seeks to manipulate trust in the government. Influence the minds of naive, unsuspecting and compliant minions (mind control via propaganda and media).

The state uses LIES and deception to tactically engineer false flag realities to MANUFACTURE consent for their future intended objectives; WAR and disruptive CHOAS. That then enable greater controls, monitoring, erosion of freedoms and civil liberties and state intrusion to the social order (rationalized control for security against a source of conflict and fear created by the state via Hegelian dialect methods and means).

“Order out of Chaos”, a motto of globalism and a central command and control initiative like NATO/UN and full on martial law, or, a similar form of militarized policing.

DO NOT believe ANYTHING your governments, Mainstream Media or official public relations propaganda channels and portals publish without INDEPENDENT and ALTERNATIVE SOURCE FACT CHECKING for YOURSELF by YOURSELF. Use source documents, multiple corroborating independent videos and audio testimonials from first hand “whistleblowers” and on-site witnesses and participants.

The world is out of control and very little of what you see in the media these days is the unaltered or raw truth. We are living in an Orwellian world of lies and deceit and Big Brother IS here and seeks to dominate. YMMV

Source: PressTV-‘500 residents died in London tower fire’

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